​​​​​Office Hours​​

  • Office hours are between 8.30 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. while weekends are off days.


  • Wages policy adopted by the company constitutes a well-balanced and fair structure of wage. Wage management refers to structuring in a way to attract required human resources and help them stay for a long time.
  • Entrance wage for any professional of Çalik Enerji is defined by educational background, professional experience and competencies.



  • In addition to wage, our professionals are paid bonuses apart from salary on the basis of monthly net wage.​

Food and Travel Allowance

  • Çalık Enerji provides professionals of the headquarter with food and travel allowance for days they hold office.

Health Benefits

  • An occupational physician is at service in the Head Office.
  • All professionals are covered by Private Health Insurance as spouses and children aged 0-24 of our professionals that are a pillar of support to us can benefit from our service to meet 50 % of premiums upon request.


Leave of Absence

  • 14 days a year for those with term of office for 1 year to 5 years (including 5 years),
  • 20 days a year for those with term of office for 5 years to 15 years (including 15 years),
  • 26 days a year for those with term of office for more than 15 years are permitted for leave of absence with pay.
  • ​In addition, our professionals are entitled to take a casual leave in case of birth, maternity, moving, marriage, disease and death within the framework of the Regulation on Human Resources.
  • ​All leaves of absence for foreign construction sites are defined by the regulation and vary across countries.