Power Generation

Sarpıncık Wind Power Plant

About Project

  • Project Title : Sarpıncık Wind Power Plant
  • Location : İzmir -​ TURKEY
  • Installed Power : 32 MW
  • Term of License : 49 years
  • Total Energy : 109 Gwh/year​
  • ​Planned Commercial Operation Date : Q4/2016
  • Content of Scope : 13 Nordex Turbines (11 N100 2,5 MW + 2 N90 2,5 MW), 27,2 km Transmission Lines
  • 01.12.2013

Description of Project

    Sarpıncık WPP scheduled to be established in Karaburun, İzmir will be able to generate 109 GWh/year of electricity when it begins to operate. This will meet the annual energy need of a city with a population of 33 thousand. This will also curb 63 thousand ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission per year given the fact that such amount of energy is generated from renewable energy sources in lieu of fossil fuel. It amounts to emission of 27 thousand cars covering 15 thousand km per year.