EPC Power Systems

Mary-2 Simple Cycle Power Plant

About Project

  • Project Title : Mary-2 Simple Cycle Power Plant
  • Capacity : 146,7 MW
  • Equipment : 3 x GE LM6000
  • Voltage Level : 110 kV​
  • Commencement Date : May 2013
  • Date of Delivery : February 2014
  • Employer : Ministry of Energy, Turkmenistan
  • Scope : Lump Sum Turnkey EPC Prime Contractor​​
  • 02.05.2013

Description of Project

    The power plant with total installed capacity of 146,7 MW is composed of 3 pieces of about 50 MW GE-LM 6000 gas turbines. LM 6000 turbines are designed in a way to generate power in full capacity only within 10 minutes. The turbines are also important for Çalık Enerji as they will be the first of their kind in Turkmenistan and constructed by Çalık Enerji.

    In addition, Çalık Enerji took over turnkey construction and mounting of all main and ancillary equipment required for operation of the power plant.

    EPC contract includes all conceptual and detailed design, procurement of equipment, construction, and mounting of all mechanical, electricity, instrumental and control systems for the power plant. The contract also comprises operation tests, commissioning and training of employer's staff.

    Upon the completion, the project was delivered to Turkmenistan Ministry of Energy for operation.​