Urfa Project

About Project

  • Project Title : Urfa​ Project
  • ​Location​​ : ​Şanlıurfa
  • District : Suruç
  • Licenses : AR/ÇPA/N40-C (616 km²), AR/ÇPA/N41-D (616 km²), AR/ÇPA/O40-b1,b2,b3 (257 km²), AR/ÇPA/O41-a1,a4 (208 km²)
  • License Awarding Date : 16.12.2014​
  • License Expiry Date : 16.12.2019​
  • Seismic Operations : 393 km 2D (201​​1) Seismic Aquistion and Processing, 100 km 2D Seismic Line Re-Processing 
  • Number of Wells : 1
  • Well Title : Güvenir-1 (2012)
  • Average Total Depth : 2.000 m​​
​​​ ​
  • 11.09.2008

Description of Project

A well has been drilled in contemplation of the fact that oil derived from Siluarian - Devonian aged Dadaş Formation source rock and Cretaceous aged and organically rich carbonates could migrate to Ordovician aged Bedinan sandstone and Cretaceous carbonate reservoir and get trapped.
The probability for the Euphrates graben in Syria to stretch through the Turkish border had an impact upon the view for the formation of Silurian aged Dadaş Formation source rock.
Güvenir-1 well was drilled in Birecik, Şanlıurfa in 2012 in an effort to test Ordovician aged Bedinan Formation sandstone and Cretaceous old carbonate reservoirs, and located 5 km away from the Syrian border.
In the wake of the drill in Güvenir-1 well, Dadaş source rock was not discovered around the district. However, tests for maturity degree of other potential source rocks are in progress as a re-evaluation will be made based on the results.