Cudi Project

About Project

  • Project Title : Cudi Project
  •  Location : Cudi / Şırnak - TURKEY
  • ​Licenses : AR/ÇPA/M49-C3 (153 km2), AR/ÇPA/M49-C4 (153 km2), AR/ÇPA/N49-B (386 km2), AR/ÇPA/M49-D3, D4 (306 km2)
  • ​ License Awarding Date : 07.04​.2015​
  •  ​​​​​​​License Expiry Date  : 07.04.2020​​​​
  • ​ Average Total Depth : 3.000 m
  • 24.06.2011

Description of Project

    Hydrocarbon potential of the Cudi area was proved after light oil discovery in doğu Sadak-1 and Çalışkan-1 exploration wells operated by Alaaddin Middle East and Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), respectively. Our experience in rest of the arabian plate indicate taht the geological unit in Cudi area might be easily correlated with Iraq in terms of sourse rocks, reervoir rocks, seal rocks and trapping mechanism. In-house geological evaluations on Cudi licenses revealed that Lead-A and Lead-B constitutes four way closure prospects and convenient for hydrocarbon accumulation. In coming years, Based on consesus between Çalık Petrol and our strategic partner American based High Power Petroleum,we are planning to drill exploration wells for both Leads to test and assess  Mesozoic reservoir levels. Based on agreement between Çalık Petrol and High Power Petroleum, two exploration wells (average 3.000 meters  total depth for each) and 2 Dimensional Seismic data acquisition or typoon are supposed to be performed by High Power Petroleum agains %50 share of Cudi Liceses.