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​Çalık Enerji held a ground breaking ceremony for its first Project in Africa where 70 % of a total civilized population of 1.1 billion is under the age of 35 and there are major ground resources such as oil, lignite and copper. In the first 2 months of the Project, operations for ground improvement, earthmoving and foundation will be completed. It is planned to kick off the mounting of the turbines ot the site in July. Mobilization Operations such as offices and accommodation for professionals who will be involved in the Project were completed. When "Khoums Simple Combustion Natural Gas Fired Power Plant Project" in the City of Khoums in Libya, which is one of the countries with highest economic potential in Africa, is successfully completed, it will meet 8 % of the national total electricity generation thanks to the electricity generation capacity of 526 MW. It is targeted to start up the first unit of the power plant which will comprise 2 ea. GE 9FA (2 x 263 MW) turbines, after 8 months and 10 days "Khoums Simple Combustion Natural Gas Fired Power Plant Project" is regarded as a major step taken by Çalık Enerji for the sake of securing other projects in the African continent.

Çalık Enerji


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