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Çalık Enerji, an associate of Çalık Holding, organized a circumcision festival for Iraqi children at the construction site of Al-Khairat Power Plant near the city of Karbala, the construction of which was assumed by the company. 80 Iraqi kids were circumcised by Turkish and Iraqi doctors in company. Children were given various presents during the festival attended by executives of Çalık Group, Directors of Health, Population and Passport Department of Karbala, employees of the construction site and residents of the region. To be constructed for 445.5 million dollar in a location 20 km away from Karbala, Al-Khairat Power Plant's foundation was laid on May 8, 2011.

Life Gets Easier for Iraqi People

The most important problem of daily life in Iraq is limited access to electricity. The locals have access to power only for 4 hours a day. The Iraqi governments aims at substantially easing power troubles of summertime in particular till 2012.

10 gas turbins purchased by Iraq from General Electric (GE) will be available at Al-Khairat Power Plant, the construction of which will be completed in 2 years. The power plant at a capacity of 1.250 MW which will be able to use fuel oil and diesel in addition to natural gas, will increase power generation capacity of Iraq by 20 percent.

On May 22, 2011, Çalık Holding laid the foundation of Nainawa Power Plant to be located 60 km south of Mosul. The power plant equipped with installed capacity of 750 MW is estimated to be completed in 20 months. To cost for 388.5 million dollar, Nainawa PowerPlant will meet incessant power need of 250 thousand households for 24 hours.

The power plants in Karbala and Mosul will create employment for a total of 2 thousand people.

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