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The new general directorate building of Çalık YEDAŞ, an affiliate of Çalık Holding, was unveiled in Atakum, Samsun on 29th of July 2011 with a ceremony attended by Hüseyin Aksoy, the Governor of Samsun, Halil İbrahim Daşöz, the Governor of Amasya, Regional Members of the Parliament, Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Samsun, Ahmet Çalık, the Chairman of Çalık Holding, Osman Saim Dinç, the General Manager of Çalık Enerji, and Nurettin Türkoğlu, the General Manager of Çalık YEDAŞ. Ahmet Çalık, the Chairman of Çalık Holding, stated that the company's investments in infrastructure and technology for Çalık YEDAŞ will increasingly continue and the company aspires to make Çalık YEDAŞ the top electricity distribution company in Europe.

Distributing energy to nearly 1,6 million subscribers and to 3 million people across the region including Samsun, Amasya, Çorum, Ordu and Sinop, Çalık YEDAŞ will be in service at a new management building constructed in Atakum, Samsun.

Ahmet Çalık: We Aspire to Make Çalık YEDAŞ the Top Electricity Distribution Company in Europe.

Ahmet Çalık, the Chairman of Çalık Holding, stated that the company pays attention to act with an investment approach that will produce added value for the domestic economy, the community, customers and employees in every single project, and said:

"We will keep investing in Çalık YEDAŞ for infrastructure, technology and human resources in the forthcoming period. We consider meeting one of the top fundamental needs in electricity not only as a business but also a social means for development of the region. To this end, I would like to note that we will carry our current and future services one step further for distinguished citizens residing across regions where we run a business. The objective is to enable Çalık YEDAŞ to grow into Europe's top electricity distribution company in terms of service quality thanks to high-powered infrastructure and technology."

A New Headquarter: A Token of Importance Attached to the Region

The new headquarter offers 6 thousand square meter of indoor and 2 thousand square meter of outdoor space. More than 200 employees will take office in the Head Office for Çalık YEDAŞ that has more than 1600 employees in total.

Breaking many grounds to improve service quality, Çalık YEDAŞ has increased the number of cashier's offices from 2 to 40 within only 7 months. Cash desks of YEDAŞ, the number of which was previously 1, are now in service acros 3 regions.

SAP system was launched at Çalık YEDAŞ as the company was incorporated into Çalık Holding. With the CRM Application initiated at Çalık YEDAŞ, the call center serving for 7/24 in Samsun, Amasya, Çorum, Ordu and Sinop ensures that all claims and complaints are transferred into the electronic environment and collected in a pool.​

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