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The foundation for Nainawa Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant to be constructed by Çalık Enerji for 388.5 million dollar was laid near Karbala, Iraq. Having delivered a speech as a part of the ceremony, the Governor of Mosul Esil Nuceyfi expressed his pleasure to cooperate with Çalık Holding.

The foundation of Nainawa Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant to be constructed by Çalık Holding 60 km south of Mosul, Iraq was laid on May 22, 2011 at a ceremony attended by the Governor of Mosul Esil Nuceyfi, Turkey's Consul General to Mosul Ahmet Yıldız, senior officials of Iraq's Ministry of Energy, leading figures of the city of Mosul, Çalık Holding's Chairman Ahmet Çalık, and Çalık Enerji's General Manager Dr. Saim Dinç. The power plant to be equipped with 750 MW and 6 gas turbines will be completed in 20 months.

Esil Nuceyfi, the Governor of Mosul, mentioned that he is extremely pleased to see the foundation laid for the project as it had been promised by the Iraqi Government for Iraqi people, and said: "The Project is a product of alliance and cooperations between the Iraqi and Turkish governments. Çalık Enerji will put the alliance into effect." Hoping that Çalık Enerji would be welcomed by the people of Mosul, Nuceyfi said: "We also hope that other companies will follow the footsteps of Çalık Enerji and Çalık Holding for successful projects in years to come".

Ahmet Yıldız, the Consulate General of Mosul in Turkey, noted that a committee from Nainawa region paid a visit to him a year ago, stating: "Fortunately, we are going to lay the foundation of a major power plant here one year later. Çalık Enerji will put the project into effect in the best way possible. The Turkish Government makes efforts and attaches importance to unity of Iraq. Turkey does and will continue to work for development of Iraq without any interference in country's internal affairs."

Expressing their pleasure for their contribution to the steps taken for development and welfare of the people of Iraq, Ahmet Çalık, Çalık Holding's Chairman, said: "We take pleasure in laying the foundation of Nainawa project. Poised to meet power need of almost 1.5 million people, Nainawa Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant is the second power plant project of Çalık Holding in Iraq. Hopefully, we will carry out other major projects in brotherly country of Iraq."

"With a cost of 388.5 million dollar, Nainawa Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant will meet incessant power need of 250 thousand households in Iraq for 24 hours thanks to a capacity of 750 MW a day for power generation. Çalık Enerji aims at completing the project only within 20 months" said Osman Saim Dinç.

Life Gets Easier for Iraqi People

Electricity is one of the leading problems in Iraq. The Iraqi government aspires to substantially ease power troubles of summertime in particular till 2012. Keeping abreast of power, oil and gas industries in Iraq, Çalık Holding's investments are of major importance in this respect. To be constructed for 388.5 million dollar and completed in 20 months, Nainawa Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant will feature 6 gas turbines each of which is with the capacity of 125 MW purchased by the Iraqi government from General Electric (GE). With a total capacity of 750 MW, the power plant will be able to generate power by means of natural gas as well as fuel oil and diesel fuel.

In addition to this investment of Çalık Holding, the foundation of Al-Khairat Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant to be constructed for 445.5 million dolar was laid near Karbala a few days ago. The power plant with installed capacity of 1250 MW and 10 gas turbines will increase Iraq's capacity of power generation by 20 percent. The power plants in Karbala and Mosul will create employment for a total of 2 thousand people.

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