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Iraq's Largest Power Plant with installed capacity of 1250 MW is under construction.

The Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Huseyin Sehristani says that Iraq has a huge gap in electricity, and the government makes intensive efforts to increase capacity of power generation.

The foundation of the country's largest power plant to be constructed by Çalık Enerji in the district of Al-Khairat affiliated to Karbala, the homeland of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri El Maliki was laid at a ceremony the day before. The ceremony was attended by Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister of Energy Huseyin Sehristani, the Minister of Energy Raad Shalal Saeed, the Governor of Karbala Amaleddin El Hir, Çalık Holding's Chairman Ahmet Çalık and Çalık Enerji's General Manager Saim Dinç.

In his address, the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq Huseyin Sehristani pointed to a huge gap for electricity in Iraq, and indicated that the government makes efforts to improve current power plants on one hand, and signed deals with South Korea to increase capacity of power generation and establish a giant generator with a total capacity of 25 hundred MW on the other. Sehristani announced that a part of them with a capacity of 1500 MW will be in service within a year.

Noting that newly-constructed 19 power plant projects with ongoing development efforts are in progress, Sehristani reported that the capacity of power generation will increase from 4500 MW to 12000 MW when the efforts are finalized, and hit 15000 MW thanks to additional efforts. Sehristani stated that the investments will enable Iraq's capacity of power generation to increase to 20 thousand MW in 4 to 5 years.

Pointing to agreements with Çalık Holding on 2 power plant projects, Ahmet Çalık, the Chairman of Çalık Holding, stated that the company has been ahead of the schedule as the first unit of Al-Khairat power plant will be in operation before the summer of 2012 and start operating at full capacity within 2 years.

Pointing out to the fact that Karbala is a significant tourism center due to its sacred status, Huseyin Sehristani reported that the city of Karbala regarded as sacred by Shia Muslims was visited by 2,5 million visitors during last January, and that they expect to host 12 million visitors in 2012. Noting that this enhances the attraction of Karbala for foreign investments, Sehristani said: "Stability of security established for the past 2 years in Iraq has led to a major increase in number of investments and investors. I would like to thank Çalık Enerji for that. The central and local governments will do their best to complete the project on time with no mishap. I call upon local clans to cooperate particularly in security. I would like them to file a complaint in competent authorities against those who derive unfair benefits and hamper the construction."

The Largest Power Plant of Iraq Constructed From Scratch

Ahmet Çalık, Çalık Holding's Chairman, delivered a speech at the ceremony stating that the company made contributions to the steps taken for development and welfare of Iraq by means of projects they assumed, and noted that they would construct Nainawa Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant with the capacity of 750 MW near Mosul in addition to Al-Khairat Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant with the capacity of 1.250 MW, the foundation of which was laid today. Stating that the company would soon kick off the construction of the power plant in Mosul, Ahmet Çalık, the Chairman of Çalık Holding, reported that the construction of Al-Khairat Power Plant would be completed within 2 years, yet the energy generation process would be immediately kicked off for the units completed. Reporting that a major part of the energy need of Iraq would be met by 2 power plants, Çalık continued: "Electricity is one of the major problems in Iraq. The Iraqi government aims at substantially easing power troubles of summertime till 2012. Al-Khairat Power Plant, the foundation of which was laid and to be constructed for 445.5 million dollar, will feature 10 gas turbines purchased by the Iraqi government from General Electric. It will make use of natural gas in addition to fuel and diesel oil. With installed capacity of 1250 MW, the power plant will increase Iraq's capacity of power generation by 20 percent.''

Emphasizing that they as Çalık Holding closely follow the electricity, natural gas and oil industry in Iraq, Ahmet Çalık said that Nainawa Power Plant with the capacity of 750 MW, to be built 60 km south of Mosul, will cost USD 388.5 million and is estimated to be completed within 20 months. Stating that Nainawa Power Plant will meet 24-hour incessant energy need of 250.000 households, Mr. Çalık commented that 2 thousand people in total will be employed for 2 power plants.

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