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Al-Khairat Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant to be constructed by Çalık Enerji near Karbala for 445.5 million dollar will be equipped with 10 gas turbines. To be put into operation in two years, the power plant with installed capacity of 1250 MW will increase Iraq's capacity of power generation by 20 percent.

Held on January 13, 2011 at Iraq's Ministry of Electricity for Al-Khairat Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant, the signing ceremony was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq Huseyin Sehristani, Turkey's Ambassador to Iraq Murat Özçelik, Iraq's Deputy Ministers of Energy Selam Kazzaz, Raad Al Haris, Iraq's Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity Adel Hameed Mahdi, Director General for Natural Gas Power Plant Projects Sabeh Kado, Çalık Holding's Chairman Ahmet Çalık, and Çalık Enerji's Director General Osman Saim Dinç.

The agreement was signed by the Deputy Minister of Electricity Selam Kazzaz for the Iraqi Government, and Çalık Holding's Chairman Ahmet Çalık for Çalık Holding. As a part of the agreement, Al-Khairat Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant project will be completed in 2 years. The power plant will feature 10 gas turbines with capacity of 125 MW each of which is purchased by the Iraqi government from General Electric (GE). With a total capacity of 1250 MW, the power plant will be able to generate power by means of natural gas as well as fuel oil and diesel fuel. To be constructed for 445.5 million dollar, the power plant is of capital importance for Iraqi people in the post-war period. Scheduled to be constructed 20 km south of Karbala, the power plant will increase Iraq's capacity of power generation by 20 percent.

Çalık Holding's Chairman Ahmet Çalık noted that the company is pleased to construct a power plant in a holy land such as Karbala, and the project would play a major role in improving relations between Turkey and Iraq. Ahmet Çalık pointed out that the company would complete the construction on time, and the power plant would provide provinces of the Central Euphrates with incessant power for 24 hours. Having expressed his delight for Gap Construction to take over construction of a power plant for 195 million dollar, and for Çalık Enerji to take over construction of another one for 445.5 million dollar, Ahmet Çalık acknowledged: "This is not only a matter of trade for us. It is also a matter of sentiments. The Iraqi Government has a fairly positive perspective for Turkish companies. We have engaged in excellent cooperation with the Iraqi government. We aim at getting this done with the Ministry in the best way we can."

Pointing to the company's interest in construction of other power plants in Iraq, Çalık Enerji's General Manager Osman Saim Dinç commented: "Turkey has grown into one of the top actors for the global industry of energy thanks to influential initiatives and success in mega-projects in recent years. Çalık Enerji's objective is to provide active and effective support for the process, and contribute to further reinforce Turkey's position and importance in the international arena. We consider this project in Iraq as a major step in this respect."

Poised to put its first project into effect in Iraq, Çalık En​erji completed 6 natural gas cycle power plants with capacity of 1180 MW in Turkmenistan. The construction of Navoi Combined Cycle Power Plant with installed capacity of 474 MW in Uzbekistan is in progress in cooperation with Initec Energia, a Spain-based company.

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