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Çalık Enerji and Gap İnşaat, the affiliates of Çalık Group, rank among 225 international giants of construction industry. With 33 companies in the list, Turkey ranked the world's number two.

The list of the year 2012 was released by the international construction journal Engineering News Record (ENR) by taking into consideration the yearly business volumes of companies. According to the research carried out to name the top 225 international contracting companies of the world, the number of Turkish companies included in the list increased from 31 to 33. This figure made Turkey rank second following China. Gap Insaat and Çalık Enerji, the affiliates in Çalık Group, managed to be included in the list and ranked among the top construction companies. The repor indicates that Gap İnşaat earned a total income of USD 328.6 million, and Çalık Enerji earned a total of USD 486.3 million in 2011.

We Rank the 10th in Revenues

Ranking the second after China, Turkey outpaced USA, Italy, Japan, Spain and Germany. Turkish contracting companies, that run successful projects in many countries of the world, ranked the 10th with revenues worth USD 16 billion in the overseas revenue ranking. The top 225 companies made a total revenue of USD 452 billion and 898.9 million in overseas contracting services, by an increase of 18 percent in 2011, compared to the previous year. China ranked the first with a revenue of USD 62.7 billion and a share of 13.8 percent, and was followed by Spain with a revenue of USD 60.2 billion and a share of 13.3 percent, and​ the USA with a revenue of USD 57.9 billion and a share of 12.8 percent, respectively. Within this period of time, China increased overseas contracting operations by 9 percent, Spain by 70.2 percent and the USA by 29.1. Meanwhile, Turkey increased its revenues of overseas contracting services up to USD 15 billion and 901.8 million by 9 percent, and ranked the 10th in the list. With this figure, Turkey obtained a share of 3,5 percent in the whole market.

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