Çalık Enerji


​In our Mary-3 Project, with a total capacity of 1,574 MW, testing and commissioning activities continue without slowing down. Gas Turbines 1 and 2 have been tested and are ready to be started for energy production.

Our project which is first combined cycle power plant of turkmenistan also has a strategic precaution with a production capacity of 1,574 MW and feature that is the largest combined cycle power plant of Central Asia.

In our project which contract start date is July 2015, our intensive work program, which started with the arrival of the first 2 gas turbines in January 2017 reach the peak with the arrival of gas turbines 3 and 4, gas turbine generators, steam turbines 1 and 2, steam turbine generators, condensers, power transformers and HRSG modules in July and August 2017.

In our project, in which the installation and commissioning activities continue with an intense tempo, the targets of "First Ignition" and "Synchronization" of gas turbines 1 and 2 were completed on December 2017. On February 2018, all tests of gas turbines 1 and 2 were terminated and they were made prepared for production when required. In the ongoing process, milestone targets have been performed that "priming" on 20.03.2018 and "synchronization" on 04.04.2018 in gas turbine number three and "priming" in gaz turbine number four on 27.02.2018. In the upcoming period, completion the synchronous tests of gas turbine No. 4 and  taking one step closer to be switched on in the combined mode of the switchboard by taking the first steam into steam turbines are at the beginning of our goals.

Çalık Enerji


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