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İsmail Ergüneş, the representative of Limak-Çalık Consortium, stated that the tender process is very transparent and fair, and that the cost of electrical power is not significant, but the investments required for the electricity network are of high importance.

Pointing out to the necessity of investments for a high-quality service, Ergüneş said that the company distributes energy to 5 million consumers in Turkey and the company is aware of the challenges in this field in Kosovo.

Besim Beçay, the Minister of Economic Development and the Chairman of the Privatization Committee, expressed that an assurance is provided during this process in terms of supply of electrical power and costs that can be met by consumers.

Joe Oliver, a foreign independent consultant, reported that the Privatization Committee affiliated to the Minstry of Economic Development complied with all the rules during the tender process and the tender was carried out professionally.

Furthermore, Roxana Strugar, an observer from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) reported that the Government of Kosovo was transparent during the tender process, and put the highest international standards into effect.

The final decision for a tender result rests on the government in accordance with privatization laws of Kosovo. In circumstances where the government concludes that there is a breach of the privatization law and rules, the tender may be cancelled.

The consortium established by Çalık Holding and Limak from Turkey for 100 percent shares of Distribution and Supply Unit of Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) providing electricity distribution service won the tender by offering a higher bid than the nearest rival by € 3.5 million.

According to the privatization plan, the new owner of the electricity distribution company will be responsible for collection of debts, which have amounted to € 400 million within 13 years, and receive a 20 percent share in each bill collected.

Songül Ozan, the Ambassador of Pristina in Turkey, made a statement regarding an award of the contract for Kosovo Electricity Distribution and Supply to Limak- Çalık Consortium, stating that Limak and Çalık Groups, world renowned corporations of Turkey, with their significant and successful investments especially in energy as well as their knowledge and experience in electricity distribution, will offer professional services for Kosovo in this industry.

Ozan reported that the number of subscribers for electricity distribution and supply services provided by Limak and Çalık has increased up to 5 million people and their annual energy distribution has reached up to 16 billion kw/h in total.

Stating that Turkey's recent economic success despite the global crisis evoked admiration all over the world, Ozan said: "Investors of Turkey, which is now the 2nd fastest growing economy of the world, the 16th largest economy of the world and the 6th largest economy of Europe, have been carrying out significant projects worldwide".

Noting that ​Limak and Çalık Groups are quite active in both domestic and overseas investments, Ozan said:

"Turkish investors actively run operations in all indu​stries not only in the Balkans but also in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the world. Turkey is aware of the importance of ensuring economic development and increasing welfare in brotherly country of Kosovo. Both the government and private sector are willing and ready to provide and maintain any kind of contribution in this direction. We wholeheartedly stand by Kosovo's determination and efforts in this respect.''

In this context, the Ambassador Ozan stated that the procurement of electricity distribution and supply services by Limak - Çalık consortium will constitute a prominent step to put an end to the problems suffered in electricity and energy in Kosovo, and that the efforts will improve the life quality and welfare of the people in brotherly country of Kosovo.

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