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Çalık Holding has completed the investment in Al-Khairat Region, Karbala, one of the largest power plants of Iraq with the capacity of 1.250 MW. Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq Hüseyin Şehristani noted: "The Power Plant will lighten the Euphrates Region".

Çalık Holding has completed the investment for a power plant with the capacity of 1.250 MW in Al-Khairat, Karbala, Iraq. The power plant which will meet one fifth of the energy need of Iraq, grew into one of the largest plants of the country. The power plant completed within two years by Çalık Enerji, is dubbed one of the most important infrastructure projects in the re-construction of Iraq. Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq Hüseyin Şehristani stated that the power plant will supply electricity to the entire Euphrates Region. Şehristani said: "I thank those who made the investment and exerted all the efforts. I wish we could have run similar projects in the past. Electricity will be supplied from the power plant to the network as of May. Four turbines will be operation next month".

Electricity for 5 million people

The power plant has supplied uninterrupted electricity for 5 million people in total for 24 hours in Karbala, Babil, Najaf and Qazimiyah, Iraq. Kerim Aftan, the Iraqi Minister of Energy, reported that electricity will be uninterruptedly supplied as of July. Aftan said that the entire land of Iraq will be supplied with electricity in 2014.

A Welfare Environment

Çalık Holding's Chairman Ahmet Çalık expressed his gratitude to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri El-Maliki, the Deputy Prime Minister Şehristani, the Minister of Electricity, Aftan and the Governor of Karbala for their support. Çalık said: "The steps taken for the welfare of the people of Iraq, major investments and huge efforts exerted for the re-construction of Iraq are of capital importance. Not only the people of Iraq but also the people of the entire region will benefit from the positive atmosphere of peace and welfare, and they will always praise and show gratitude for the developments."

We Are Thrilled

Ahmet Çalık pointed that the company managed to bring Al-Khairat Power Plant to such a level that it can supply nationwide power within only 2 years. Çalık said: "Nainawa Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant with the capacity of 750 MW under construction will be completed in May and the country will be equipped with the capacity of 2.000 MW. We are extremely honored to have assumed both investments."

We are going to continue working together

The opening ceremony of the power plant was attended by Amaleddin El-Her, the Governor of Karbala. Having made a speech at the opening, the Governor El- Her thanked Çalık Holding. El-Her said: "Constructers of this power plant will always be appreciated by all residents of the region. From now on, we are going to continue working together. We also thank for the contribution to employment of the residents of this region through the investment".

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