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Two turbines were ignited at Nainawa Power Plants with the capacity of 750 Megawatt in Mosul, Iraq, the construction of which was assumed by Çalık Enerji.

Nainawa Power Plant with the capacity of 750 megawatts (MW), which has been constructed by Çalık Enerji in Mosul, Iraq, is about to make it to the final stage. Two turbines of the power plant which will meet the electricity need of Mosul were ignited. It is planned that the remaining 4 turbines will be completed until September.

Total 2.000 MW

Stating that Nainawa will be the fourth largest power plant of Iraq, the Project Manager Abdullah Baş said: "This time, we construct the largest power plant of Iraq in Karbala. Al-Khairat power plant in Karbala currently generates 1.000 MW electricity by means of 8 turbines. We hope to activate two more turbines after the religious holiday and increase the capacity up to 1.250 MW. We will generate 2.000 MW power in total by means of the two power plants. Thus, we will have met one eighth of the need of Iraq."

1000 employees

​Abdullah Baş stated that there are 6 turbines at Nainawa power plant, and said: "We ignited two turbines. We will also ignite two more after the religious holiday. The remaining two will be completed in September. The turbines run on gas, LDO and crude oil. The project will meet Mosul's energy need". Baş said that 1000 employees including 110 engineers are employed for the project worth USD 388.5 million.

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