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A share transfer ceremony for ​Aras Elektrik Dağitim and Aras Perakende Satış was held the day before in Erzurum with the attendance of Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, and Mehmet Şimşek, the Minister of Finance. The ceremony was hosted by Çalık Holding's Chairman Ahmet Çalık, and Nahit Kiler, and Kiler Holding's Chairman.

Privatization efforts will be completed across 2​1 regions in September​

The Minister Yıldız emphasized that the government will allocated synergy and financial resources mainly for education and healthcare through privatization efforts. Mr. Yıldız said: "We have made it to the final stage in privatization of electricity distribution. The privatization process will be completed across 21 regions within the next month. Mehmet Şimşek, the Minister of Finance said: "A major part of our revenues used to be allocated for payment of the interests 10 years ago. However, 86 billion TL of the revenues are allocated for investment and 14 billion TL are for interests of domestic and foreign debts today. The citizens should question where the all the tax money goes. Our primary concern is education and human capital".

Investments will exceed 1.5 billion

Ahmet Çalık, Çalık Holding's Chairman said: "By making the right decision, the government put their trust by transferring the electricity distribution services to the private sector. We are aware of the responsibility we have assumed. We promise to work uninterruptedly in line with the responsibility." Çalık noted that the tender price is USD million 128.5 but the total investment price will exceed TL 1.5 billion. Nahit Kiler, Kiler Holding's Chairman of the Board of Director said: "We are the ones who finally assumed the duty of energy investment for this region. Thus, the state revenues will be allocated mainly for education, health services and infrastructure".

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