Çalık Enerji


​The construction of the biggest power plant built after Turkmenistan's independence is about to be completed. The mechanical installation of turbines are completed and operational works are about to be completed in "Derweze Power Plant" - with a 504,4 MW capacity- whose construction started in late 2013.  Within the Derweze project, the installation of 4 GE 9E gas turbines were completed in a short time, thanks to the continuous efforts of our staff. The construction of a 36-feeder switchyard, 175 km energy transmission line, 4 diesel tanks of 500 cubic meters, water treatment system, administrative building and auxiliary facilities will also be completed in a short time. After these works, we have performed the first ignition for GT-1 on April 14, 2015. We hope to complete the ignitions of other turbines in the forthcoming days. We also plan to put the project into the Turkmenistan people's service by completing it in August 2015, 4 months before the indicated date in the contract and project completion date.  With our ALMS LM 6000 projects, Ahal-2 project in Turkmenistan and the Derveze Project we will be producing 1.206 MW electricity in these plants in two years. 

Çalık Enerji


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