Çalık Enerji is known for its quality, creative, environmental and human-friendly projects in the energy sector. It creates value by continuously improving its services and constantly informing its stakeholders.

As Çalık Enerji

Leadership and Commitment

  •  Consideration of HSE and its social responsibilities as values,
  •  Targeting continuous improvement, ensuring sustainability,
  •  Identification and sharing of duties and responsibilities,
  •  Supporting each employee what they can do on behalf of HSE,
  •  Belief in the goal of zero accidents, stability towards the prevention of environmental pollution and occupational diseases,
  •  Providing the necessary resources for construction sites and work places; establishing safe working areas,

Risk Management

  •  Establishing a risk-based thinking system,
  •  Monitoring of preventive attitudes,
  •  Development of activities to assess and reduce emergency risks,
  •  Definition of risks of all hazards, environmental and social effects,
  •  Identification of possible emergencies and accidents,


  •  Identification of internal and external issues,
  •  Definition of risks and opportunities,
  •  Definition of HSE targets and sharing with related parties,
  •  To comply with all applicable laws, legislations and requirements both in our country and in other countries where it operates,
  •  Preparing appropriate KPI’s to reach targets,


  •  Informing the employees about HSE policy and encouraging them to contribute,
  •  Provision of HSE trainings,
  •  Increasing employees HSE awareness,


  •  Maintaining all activities in accordance with the HSE management system,
  •  Use of natural resources efficiently,
  •  Investing in secure equipment,
  •  Managing emergency situations and providing emergency drills,

Monitoring and Review

  •  Monitoring of HSE targets and KPI’s,
  •  Consider management as overdrive entries,
  •  Assessing the performance of the sub-contractors,
  •  Sharing of acquired corporate information,

Social Responsibilities

  •  Establishing good relations with the affected communities in the projects and increasing the HSE awareness,
  •  Conducting social responsibility activities to win what we lost from nature

We care about and commit the following points.

This Policy will be shared with ÇALIK ENERJİ employees and subcontractors and suppliers acting on behalf of ÇALIK ENERJİ; it will be announced at all locations under the control of ÇALIK ENERJİ and operate on behalf of ÇALIK ENERJİ

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