Ahmet ÇALIK was born in 1958 in Malatya. He started his business life in 1981 with operations in the textile sector. ÇALIK made the first large-scale industrial investment in Eastern Anatolia with the denim factory he built in Malatya while also launching his first investments abroad in Central Asia in line with his international operational and investment targets over the same period. From 1992, he started to project abroad the business experiences he built up in Turkey with investments in energy, construction, mining, textile, finance and telecom sectors across the geographies where Çalık Group Operates, which culminated in the establishment of Çalık Holding in 1997 to bring together all Group companies under a single roof. One of the biggest Turkish investors in Albania and Kosovo, ÇALIK has received the Turkmenistan Order of the State and Turkmenistan Mahdum Gui Award in 1997, Republic of Turkey State Medal of Distinguished Service and Turkmenistan Gayrat Medal in 1999, Turkmenistan Golden Age Order in 2001, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Turkey State Medal of Distinguished Service in June 2002, Grand National Assembly of Turkey State Distinguished Service Prize in 2006, and the “Turkey in Europe – Franco Nobili” Award in 2010. Appointed as Honorary Consul to Bursa by the Republic Kazakhstan in 2012, Ahmet ÇALIK was given the ‘Ellis Island Medal of Honor’ by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) and conferred upon honorary doctorates by Matsumoto Dental University, Japan and University of Tirana, Albania in 2014. Given by the Kindai University with another honorary doctorate in 2016, Ahmet ÇALIK currently serves as Board Chairman at Çalık Holding and Group Companies.



Rıdvan Aktürk was born in Erzincan in 1970. After completing his education in the Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering in the Middle East Technical University, Rıdvan Aktürk then received his MBA degree from Middlesex University, England. He started his career as an engineer in Turkish Standards Institution in 1992. He worked as the Sales and Marketing Manager in Ulusoy Elektrik AŞ between 1996 – 2002 and then held office as the General Manager between 2002-2006. He worked as the General Manager of RVA Mühendislik in 2006. Becoming a member of Çalık Enerji family at the end of 2006, Rıdvan Aktürk worked as the Director of Pipelines and Refineries between 2006-2016 and then he became the General Manager of our subsidiary Yeşilırmak Elektrik Dağıtım AŞ between 2016-2018. Rıdvan Aktürk has become the General Manager of Çalık Enerji as of 01.02.2018.



Born in Nevşehir in 1955, O. Saim DİNÇ, earned a degree in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Istanbul Technical University in 1978, and went on to assume the title of assistant professor in 1988. He went to the RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), New York, USA in 1988 for academic studies, and worked for GE Corporate Research and Development Center at the same time. Having worked for General Electric in NY, USA for 15 years, Mr. DİNÇ has taken office for several positions, and run many projects in power plants, gas turbines, wind turbines, technology of aircraft engines, and product development. He assumed the title of associate professor in 1992. He was appointed as the Chairman of TPAO (Turkish Petroleum Corporation) on May 20, 2003. Having held office for 4 years, he gained a wide range of experience in oil and gas industry, and completed scores of major projects on a high note during his tenure. Having joined Çalık Enerji on 16 April 2007, O. Saim DİNÇ holds the title of Deputy Chairman of the Board. He has more than 60 patents and over 40 articles published by international conferences and scientific journals. He is also an award-winning executive in many lines of business.​




Salih Tuncer MUTLUCAN was born in Istanbul in 1968. After graduating from the Galatasaray High School in 1987 he completed his university education at the Department of Civil Engineering of the Boğaziçi University in 1992, continuing his academic career with a Master’s course in Project Management at the Istanbul Technical University. Between 1992 and 2006, MUTLUCAN held various positions with Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş. in Luxembourg. After that, Mr. Salih Tuncer MUTLUCAN, who had assumed the position of General Manager with Akbank N.V. Amsterdam and AkLease, joined Çalık Enerji in 2015. Having held the position of the CFO and a Member of the Board of Directors up to February 2018, he is currently continuing to serve as a Member of the Board of Directors.