EPC Power Systems

Urban Energy Infrastructure Reinforcement Project In Ashgabat

About Project

  • Project Title : Increasing the Reliability of Power Supply To The City of Ashgabat​
  • ​​Transformer Substations​: 16 pieces of 110 kV, 11 pieces of 35 kV, 97 pieces of 10 kV
  • Cabling Works: 11​1,3 km 110 kV, 31,5 ​km 110 kV Aerial Line​, 8 km 35 kV, 100 km 10​ kV​​
  • Management and Monito​ring System : 2 SCADA and Control Facilities
  • Commencement Date : September 2012
  • ​​Date o​​f Delivery : December 2015​
  • ​​Employer : The ​City Municipality of Ashgabat
  • 16.11.2012

Description of Project

    Çalık Enerji will make s​ure that the Project to Increasing The Reliability of Power Supply to The City of Ashgabat and Ashgabat's energy transmission and distribution network are in compliance with the state-of-the-art technology and enhance supply security and capacity utilization. The project delivered as a turnkey project. AST-1 is the first stage of the project which was completed in December 2015.

    Main Goals of the Project Are;​

    • Increasing the reliability of power supply and capacity of Ashgabat,
    • Increasing the quality of electrical infrastructure of Ashgabat with the best quality and modern engineering methods,
    • Providing environmental friendly superstructure in line with the Turkmen architecture,
    • Providing an environmental friendly, safe, environment and human health preserved work environment. ​