Due to its geographical location, Turkey straddles the Caspian and Middle East regions, rich in energy resources, and Europe. Sitting between producers with three fourths of global oil and gas reserves, and top consumers, Turkey has a strategic location of paramount importance.

​​Çalık Enerji Oil and Gas Prospecting and Production Group carries out upstream operations in Turkey and abroad. The first operations in this field commenced in 2003 with a drilling service project in Turkmenistan. Within this scope, the Group has completed the drilling of 27 high-pressure and high-temperature oil and gas production wells in the Korpeje, Akpatlavuk and South Yolotan fields for Turkmenneft, the National Oil Company of Turkmenistan.

Çalık Enerji Oil and Gas Prospecting and Production Group embarked upon upstream operations in Turkey in 2006 after obtaining 2 exploration licenses in the Thrace Region. In addition to projects developed in Turkey, Çalık Enerji has also focused its activities on neighboring countries rich in hydrocarbons and natural gas. Powered by the total of 11 exploration and 1 production licenses in Turkey, Çalık Enerji is continuing with its upstream operations.

In 2010, a strategic partnership was formed with Canada’s “Anatolia" for prospecting operations in Turkey. Within the framework of this partnership, apart from gathering 718 km worth of 2D and 217,5 km² worth of 3D seismic data, geologic surveys were performed in the locations deemed necessary. The target formations determined as a result of seismic data and geological survey evaluation have been tested via the drilling of one exploration well for each, resulting in the oil discovery rate above the world average. At present, the average daily production from 5 wells in the Batı Çalıktepe and Güney Çalıktepe oil fields has reached 950 barrels per day. Activities aimed at bringing the Batı Çalıktepe-3 field, discovered in 2010, to commercial production are going on.

Exploration activities, specifically in the Cudi and Bismil licensed territories (unconventional reservoirs), are being conducted together with American High Power Petroleum, the strategic partnership with which was formed in the last quarter of 2016. The plan is to evaluate the target formations in the Cudi licensed territory to the best of ability, using surveying, seismic and typhoon prospecting technologies and to test them by drilling one exploration well for each of such formations.  

Prospecting activities in the Gölbaşı licensed territory are ongoing. As the result of cameral, surface geology studies, geologic surveying, analysis of the data gathered from nearby wells and available seismic survey data, target formations have been determined within the field and have undergone strict evaluation. It is planned that the said target formations will be tested by the drilling of exploration wells, one per each formation.  

In the Urfa licensed territory, prospecting activities are being continued in the exploration phase. The Güvenir-1well, drilled by Çalık Enerji in 2012, has undergone thorough evaluation with the use of available seismic data and data from neighboring wells. The field’s potential, the target formations will be determined after testing through the drilling of exploration wells.

Çalık Enerji has drilled a total of 11 wells in the Southeast Anatolian region, 5 of which are currently producing high-quality oil. The wells the operation of which has been temporarily suspended are being prepared for commercial production.


With the exploration and production activities performed in the period between 2006 and 2017, Çalık Enerji has gained a strong position among the world’s most significant investors. Having completed a number of various projects in Turkey and in Turkmenistan, Çalık Enerji has also oriented itself on oil and gas operations in Turkey’s neighboring countries, rich in hydrocarbons and natural gas.

Production of 40 API oil is being continued from 5 wells in the Batı Çalıktepe and Güney Çalıktepe oil fields, located in the AR/ÇPA/4494, AR/ÇPA/4495 licensed territories between Diyarbakır and Mardin, fully owned by Çalık Petrol Arama & Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. At present oil is being produced from 2 wells in the Batı Çalıktepe field and 3 wells in the Güney Çalıktepe field. Following the encountering of oil on 10.03.2016, oil production has also been started in the Güney Çalıktepe field. A total of 260.000 barrels of oil have been produced up to date from the 5 wells operating in the two fields.