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The construction of the Mary-3 Combined Cycle Power Plant", which is the largest Combined Cycle Power Plant in Turkmenistan, started in July 2015. Field and engineering works continue at full speed. General layout of the plant is approved, main equipments are purchased and pouring of the mass concrete of all GTs is complete while the first turbine delivery will take place in August.

The project includes 4 9FA.03 (263, 5 MW) gas turbines and its auxiliary equipment, 4 waste heat boilers (6 modules), 2 GE D202 (260 MW) steam turbines, auxiliary systems (boiler, RMS, compressor building, WTP, RMS), and switch yards of 110, 220, and 500 kV.

The GT-1 and GT-2 turbines will start to be put onto base in November 2016 while the first energy production (2xGT) is planned to take place in September 2017. Jet grout works are about to complete and excavation works for the ST building began.  Construction of the 220kV switch yard, the electricity building and the relay building still continues. In addition, construction of power transformers of all turbines started. Assembly of the 92-km natural gas line is ongoing. Field mobilization works are complete while environmental planning is ongoing at full speed.   The current number of staff on the field is 600 (Turkish and local), however this number projected to increase up to 1200 in June 2017.

"The Mary-3 Combined Cycle Power Plant" is planned to start-up and start serving for the people of Turkmenistan by the end of the year 2018.

Çalık Enerji


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