Çalık Enerji


As a part of the AST project, Çalık Enerji re-built the Load Dispatching Center that controls the whole power generation and transmission network of Turkmenistan with the latest technology and successfully handed it over to Turkmenenegro, affiliated to the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan.

Within the project, the Control Room interior was re-designed and renovated and operators were provided with a more spacious working environment.  The old Mimic Board was replaced by a new 1200mm x 500 mm Mimic Board, considering the future plans of Turkmenenegro.

The old model SCADA software and hardware were removed and a stronger SCADA software that is compatible with international communication protocols was installed on 100% backed-up servers, thus  having the infrastructure that is suitable for the current technology. Communication and SCADA integration with over 50 load dispatch centers of power plants and substations were established.  Screens were put up at two sides of the Mimic Board, thus enabling operators to monitor instantly-changing SCADA data in graphics.

Establishing a great part of the power generation, transmission and distribution network of Turkmenistan, Çalık Enerji also equipped the SCADA system that will monitor all this structure with a modern infrastructure.  As a result of all efforts exerted, a significant need of Turkmenistan, having a fast-growing and developing power infrastructure, is successfully met. 

Çalık Enerji


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