Çalık Enerji is equipped with capacity to swimmingly render EPC services of any nature for the following areas of operation:
• Combined Cycle Plants
• Combined Heat and Power Plants
• Pumping Stations
• Compressor Stations
• Switchyards, High Voltage Subsidiary Stations, High Voltage Transmission Lines
• Onshore Surface Facilities for Oil and Gas Fields
• Oil and Gas Pipelines

Advanced telecommunication, information technologies and program infrastructure are major elements to complete any project on a high note. Keeping it in mind, Çalık Enerji has introduced compatible communication infrastructure between construction sites and head offices. As an investment source management program, SAP and other proprietary software provide the company with technical progress and program as well as an opportunity to monitor financial performance of any project.

Collaboration with well-known companies such as Mitsubishi, General Electric, Alstom and ABB makes a substantial contribution to EPC capacity building and organizational structuring of EPC directorate.

​​​​​​Çalık Enerji rendered a service as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor for six power plants, one energy transmission/distribution facility and two switchyards in Turkmenistan. As a result of a strategic partnership with General Electric for the projects, the company gained considerable know-how and experience in gas-fired energy projects. Çalık Enerji gained its know-how in services rendered in Turkmenistan mainly from procurement, logistics and construction. Having established a unit of engineering within its own body, Çalık Enerji has expanded capacity and sources in a fashion to include engineering operations. Thus, the company has started to render more competitive services of any nature for customers.

In addition to Turkmenistan, Çalık Enerji serves as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor in Georgia as well for a project of a Gas Combined Cycle Plant with installed capacity of 230MW. Located 45 km away in south of Tbilisi on an area of 47 thousand square meter, the facility is furnished with the highest budget of investment ever in Georgia. The plant, which has the highest efficiency in Georgia​, is projected to generate 1.83 billion kilowatt-hour of energy per year. Having established a unit of engineering within its own body as a part of the project to render better services for customers, Çalık Enerji currently remains to be the top EPC contractor in Georgia.

Çalık Enerji has taken over a turnkey project of a 526 MW-Simple Cycle Power Plant in Al Khums, Libya. The 526-MW Simple Cycle Power Plant will be constructed in Al Khums located 100 km away of Tripoli, the capital city of Libya. The power plant is a turnkey project Çalık Enerji has taken over for all aspects including engineering, construction, moun​​ting, testing, commissioning. The plant will benefit from two 265 MW-tribunes of General Electric. As a part of the project, the company will also construct generators, transformers, fuel tanks, 1 advanced oil pressure booster system, a switchyard, fire systems, administrative and control offices. The project will be finalized in 14 months with around 500 people to be employed.

A 1250 MW-Plant of Al-Khairat in Karbela, Iraq and a 750 MW-Nainawa Power Plant in Mosul are under way for power generation. These power plants will be the largest of all in Iraq as they will generate 15 billion KWh of electricity per year and render a service for one third of Iraqi population. The projects will constitute 20 % of the current capacity in Iraq. This is the highest capacity to be concurrently put into service by one single company. Nainawa and Al-Khairat projects have the largest closed circuit switchyards in the Middle East. Al-Khairat Power Plant Project is reinforced with installed capacity of 1250 MW as the largest Simple Cycle Power Plant Project of Çalık Enerji and Iraq. It has the largest GIS of the Middle East (400kW and 132 kW). It will run on three types of fuel including natural gas, LDO and crude oil. Composed of 10 turbines in total, Al-Khairat Power Plant has been able to generate electricity through all of 10 turbines since October 2013. It is a source of pride for Çalık Enerji to enable the largest power plant of Iraq to generate power in full capacity within only 2 and a half years without any occupational accident.