With all of its employees in Samsun, Ordu, Çorum, Amasya, Sinop provinces  and in their districts, YEDAŞ aims to perform its activities  with an innovative international corporate  structure based on sustainability and customer satisfaction and to provide qualified and uninterrupted electricity distribution service to the customers in the area which it is responsible for.
Business Field:
Samsun, Ordu, Çorum, Amasya, Sinop


Yeşilırmak Electricity Distribution Company (YEDAŞ), which aims to provide qualified and uninterrupted energy to its customers in Samsun, Çorum, Ordu, Amasya ve Sinop provinces, integrated 'Technology', which they regarded as the most critical key of their service quality, into all of its business processes. YEDAŞ, attaching high importance to the use of high-technology in compliance with European standards, has been using lots of technological investments such as SCADA/DMS, GIS, SAP, AMI, AMR smoothly in its system with its technological investments in its region since 2011.


YEDAŞ, announcing that performing its activities with an innovative international corporate structure based on sustainability and customer satisfaction with all of its employees as its mission, aims at quality, leadership and sustainability in all of its business processes in line with its vision, being among the top 10 companies of Europe in the field of corporate and operational excellency. YEDAŞ realized 14 Corporate Social Responsibility projects by maturing these projects under the motto of 'We're activating our energy' and with the theme of 'A Regional Sustainability Development Project' in its region thanks to the energy which they took from the people of Blacksea region. YEDAŞ, the first and only electricity distribution company member of Kal-Der, has a EFQM 3 Star Competency in Excellency Certificate.


Progress Report of 2013 of YEDAŞ which commits every year the United Nations Global Compact, which was matured with the theme of 'Taking Responsibility for a Sustainable Future', published in the website of United Nations. YEDAŞ, receiving the Most Successful and Comprehensive SAP Projct award by SAP, has become the first and only electricity distribution company which can use 8 modules at the highest level by integrating them smoothly into its system since the June of 2013. YEDAŞ, using today's technology in its system during all of its business processes, also deserved to take 550,000 $ support for its Smart Grid Project in USTDA as an advanced level Smart Grid user.


YEDAŞ, which is administered by Total Quality System (EFQM, Balance Score Card), has ISO 9001 Quality Managemet System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 10002 International Customer Satisfaction Standard, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Security Management System Quality Certificates. YEDAŞ, attacting Europe's and world's attention and announced as a role-model company, registered its success with its awards. YEDAŞ​, being among the companies which share the corporate seal of Business Initiative Directions (BID) in which there are world's famous companies , was granted with Europe CSR Jury's Special Award, UNDP (Communication Award) Special Award, Quality Crown Award in the golden category in 2013, Quality Crown Award in the platinium category in 2014, The Most Qualified Leadership Award, Sustainability Award, TÜHİD Corporate Social Environment Award, Right Communication Award, TÜBİTAK Award, Local Service Award, Golden Voltage Award and with many appreciation certificates and awards it takes

  • Company Name and Title : Yesilırmak Electricity Distribution Incorporated Company (YEDAS)
  • Establishment Date : 29th December 2010
  • General Manager : General Manager of YEDAS (CEO) Nurettin TÜRKOĞLU
  • Address : Mimar Sinan Mahallesi, Atatürk Bulvarı No:190 Atakum/SAMSUN
  • Tel : (0362) 311 44 00
  • Fax : (0362) 400 42 00
  • E-mail : yedassamsun@yesilirmakedas.com
  • Web : www.yesilirmakedas.com
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