It is estimated that Turkish energy industry requires over 260 billion USD investment to be made by 2030 in an effort to meet the increasing demand. It is imperative to increase the number of generation facilities, to carefully diversify energy resources, technology and infrastructure since Turkey's current energy resources will not suffice to meet the demand. Thanks to an advantageous location and favorable conditions, Turkey is home to renewable energy resources such as water, wind and solar energy.

​​​​​​​​As Çalık Enerji, we are aware of the conditions in the domestic energy market. We are determined to grow into a major actor in this market and exploit opportunities even before they manifest themselves.

The growth of the Turkish economy leads to the increase in electric power requirement. In compliance with the report by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, it is estimated that electric power consumption will show the annual increase of approximately 6.9%, reaching 392 TWh by 2020 in the high scenario, and reach 357 TWh (with an annual increase of 5,5%) in the base scenario. Of course, the meeting of these expectations will be ensured through the launching of new facilities into operation, increasing energy efficiency, strengthening the energy system infrastructure and improving the operational efficiency of the existing facilities.

As part of creating synergy within electricity industry, electricity trade will be a major part of what we do both across Turkey and abroad. Çalık Enerji has established a special purpose company in order to meet the requirements of the subsidiary companies within Çalık Enerji Group that is highly effective in cross-border electricity trade.

Development of generation resources in a well-balanced portfolio is the first step of a successful creation of synergy through value chain integration. For this very reason, Çalık Enerji is continuing to develop more than 1.000 MW worth of energy investment projects both in Turkey and in target countries in addition to its portfolio of currently operating hydroelectric, wind and solar energy power plants  with the total capacity of 103 MW.