Due to its geographical location, Turkey straddles the Caspian Region and the Middle East with rich sources of energy, and Europe, a major consumer. As a result of this strategic position, Turkey gains major importance as a transit route for South/North and East/West-bound oil and natural gas transmission lines.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SAMSUN CEYHAN PIPELINE

Crude oil and petroleum products passing through the İstanbul and Çanakkale Straits and reaching the world markets through the Black Sea threaten the Turkish Straits, which are invaluable both as environmental and cultural heritage. At the same time, it is expected that the amount of crude oil to be exported through the Black Sea will considerably increase with the start of production in the newly discovered fields in the Central Asian and Caspian basins.  In order to ease the vessel traffic and hence to reduce the extraordinary risks in the Turkish Straits, Çalık Enerji is developing the Samsun-Adana/Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline Project.

The project, which will provide a sustainable and the least environmentally dangerous transportation alternative for the crude from the Black Sea to Ceyhan on the Mediterranean coast, has great importance for both Turkey and the region.



Çalık Enerji has been developing a refinery project that would efficiently serve both the domestic market and the East Mediterranean market. The configuration of the refinery has been selected to maximize the middle distillates in which both Turkey and the Mediterranean market are short. “Environmental and Social Impact Assessment” (ESIA) studies are completed, as well as process technology selection for main process units. The refinery will have the most advanced and efficient processing technology with no major impact to the environment.

“The Adana Doğu Akdeniz Refinery” and “The TAPCO Pipeline” projects, both being developed by Çalık Enerji’s subsidiaries, are creating an attractive and strategic synergy in the Adana/Ceyhan Region. The Adana/Doğu Akdeniz Refinery Complex is planned to process crudes made available in the Adana/Ceyhan area by pipelines (BTC and Iraq), including the crude oil to be transported via the Samsun-Adana/Ceyhan Crude Oil Pipeline. The refined products will be exported to the local and neighboring markets.