Çalık Enerji's Management is committed to providing a safe and healthy place of work throughout all of Çalık Enerji's Oil and Gas and Energy Projects and operation locations, and making every effort towards eliminating or minimazing any environmental adverse effects of Çalık Enerji's Project activities and operations.

To meet this commitment Çalık Enerji in carrying out its operations, will in all cases, abide by the following principles:

  • The protection of occupational health and safety and environment is given the highest priority throughout all of Çalık Enerji's business activities,
  • Compliance with customer and contract requirements, applicable legislation and relevant standards, ISO ​9001 , ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, and Çalık Enerji business principles,
  • Assurance of the health and safety employees, and prevention of injury and ill health and the preservartion and protection and protection of the environment,
  • Review the performance of Çalık Enerji's HSE to achieve continuous improvement in environmental sensitivity and occupational health and safety,
  • Ensure all employees, stakeholders, customers and everyone who has a relationship with Çalık Enerji are included in decision making about both occupational health and safety and environment.

In accordance with these principles, Çalık Enerji's employees and eveyone who works on behalf of Çalık Enerji​ are expected to be accountable for their own actions and shall execute their work in a safe and healthy manner to maintain zero incident and accident philosophy, and protect the environment and property.

This Policy is to be communicated with all Çalık Enerji's employees and everyone who works on behalf of Çalık Enerji, and postd at all locations under Çalık Enerji's control, and to all those engaged in work for Çalık Enerji.

General Manager​
Osman Saim DİNÇ