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Since its establishment in 1998, Çalık Enerji has become one of the world’s leading energy companies, bringing the energy of nature to the service of people through successful projects conducted across a wide geographic area encompassing the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and the Balkans in order to create a better and sustainable future. Çalık Enerji conducts operations in every field of the international energy sector with its specialized and experienced professionals, generating creative and innovative solutions based on the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

The Main Fields of Operation for Çalık Enerji Are As Follows;

  • EPC Power Systems
  • Power Generation
  • Electricity and Natural Gas Distribution
  • Oil and Gas Prospecting and Production
  • Refinery and Pipelines​      

Çalık Enerji has achieved major accomplishments since the beginning of the 2000s, thanks to the success in engineering, construction, supply and logistics activities for the projects undertaken in Turkmenistan. In the light of these accomplishments, Çalık Enerji has thus far successfully operationalized 12 power plants with the total capacity of 2.587,20 MW in Turkmenistan. At the same time, Çalık Enerji has constructed approximately 149 km of 220 kV and 14 km of 110 kV high voltage power transmission lines within the framework of the “Derweze Simple Cycle Power Plant” construction project. Having also constructed and put into service a number of load dispatching centers, high voltage power transmission lines and substations under the “Increasing the Reliability of Power Supply to the City of Ashgabat” project, Çalık Enerji continues its activities in Turkmenistan with new projects. At present, the company is working full speed on the construction of the “1.574 MW Mary-3 Combined Cycle Power Plant”, which will be the largest power plant in the country.

Using its vast experience and know-how, Çalık Enerji completed the construction of the first and largest combined cycle power plant of Uzbekistan, the “478 MW Navoi Combined Cycle Power Plant”, in 2012. Having further strengthened the trust, gained through the successful implementation of the Navoi-1 project, Çalık Enerji has commenced the construction of two new power plants in Uzbekistan. These new projects with the total installed capacity of 1.350 MW are the “450 MW Navoi-2 Power Plant” and the “900 MW Turakurgan Power Plant”. With these two large-scale projects, Çalık Enerji has solidified its position and role in the energy sector of Uzbekistan.

In Iraq, Çalık Enerji has successfully completed and handed over Iraq’s largest power plant projects with the total capacity of 2.000 MW, namely the “1.250 MW Al-Khairat Simple Cycle Power Plant” and the “750 MW Nainawa Simple Cycle Power Plant”. In 2014, the “1.250 MW Al-Khairat Power Plant” constructed by Çalık Energy in Iraq, was named the “Best Global Industrial Project” and awarded the "Global First Prize" under the "Industrial Facility" category by the “Engineering News Record” (ENR) magazine, one of the world’s most prestigious institutions in engineering and contracting.

Çalık Enerji was also the one to construct the “230 MW Gardabani Combined Cycle Power Plant”, which is the first combined cycle power plant in Georgia. The plant was put into operation on July 22, 2015 and as a result of the success demonstrated during construction and start-up, Çalık Enerji was tasked with the operation and maintenance services of the plant.

Çalık Enerji continues its operations in Africa through the construction of the “550 MW Al-Khums Fast Track Simple Cycle Power Plant” in Libya and in Middle East – through the “60 MW Aden Simple Cycle Power Plant” project.

As of the year 2016, Çalık Enerji has successfully completed 20 power plants in Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Georgia with the total capacity of approximately 5.400 MW. The total capacity of the 5 power plants currently under construction amounts to 3.500 MW.

As an investor in Turkey, Çalık Enerji holds many licenses in the field of power generation, including licenses for hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants, solar power plants, gas-fired power plants and coal-fired power plants. One of them, the “Adacami Hydroelectric Power Plant” with the capacity of 30 MW, has been generating power since 2013, while the remaining plants are projected to be launched in the near future.

Çalık Enerji's first wind power plant investments, the “Demircili and Sarpıncık Wind Power Plants” in the Demircili and Sarpıncık districts of İzmir, with the total installed capacity of 72 MW generated by 29 turbines, were opened and launched into operation by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a joint opening ceremony held in October 2016. Apart from these wind power plants, the company’s first solar power plant – the “Polatlı Solar Power Plant” - belonging to Çalık Enerji has also been launched into operation, generating and selling electricity since June 29, 2016.

Operating in the electricity distribution sector in the Central Black Sea and the Eastern Anatolia Regions of Turkey through its affiliated companies YEDAŞ (Yeşilırmak Electricity Distribution Company) and Aras, respectively, Çalık Enerji is also active in the gas distribution sector, providing services through its subsidiaries Bursagaz and Kayserigaz. Çalık Enerji is the sole electricity distributor in Kosovo in the Balkans. In Turkmenistan, Çalık Enerji has successfully completed the “Increasing the Reliability of Power Supply to the City of Ashgabat” (AST) project, the opening ceremony of which was held in October 2016. As of today, this project is the highest budgeted energy infrastructure project ever to involve the modernization of the whole power supply network of a city. Being a considerably large-scale power transmission and distribution project, the AST project (divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages) includes the construction of various sub-stations, overhead power transmission lines, underground cabling systems and dispatching centers.

In addition to power plants, Çalık Enerji has also grown into one of the leading companies within the oil and gas industry through projects carried out across Turkey and in neighboring countries. Çalık Enerji took its first steps in this field through the drilling operations kicked off in Turkmenistan in 2003. A total of 27 wells were drilled for Turkmenneft as a part of such operations. Çalık Enerji started its oil and gas activities in Turkey in 2006 by obtaining two licenses in the Thrace Region.

Through upstreaming operations that took place between 2006 and 2017, Çalık Enerji has maintained its strong position among the world's most robust investors in this field. Having completed several projects in Turkey and Turkmenistan, Çalık Enerji is also focused on conducting oil and gas operations in Turkey's neighboring countries rich in hydrocarbon and natural gas reserves.

Production of 40 API oil is being continued from 5 wells in the Batı Çalıktepe and Güney Çalıktepe oil fields, located in the AR/ÇPA/4494, AR/ÇPA/44945 licensed territories between Diyarbakır and Mardin, fully owned by Çalık Petrol Arama & Üretim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. A total of 260.000 barrels of oil have been produced up to date from 6 wells, 3 in the explored Batı Çalıktepe field and 3 in the Güney Çalıktepe field. Production in the Batı Çalıktepe-3 appraisal well has been temporarily paused to be continued later on. Production volume will continue to increase with new discoveries and the further development of the existing fields.

Çalık Enerji currently operates in the markets of Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Georgia, Libya, Russia, Dubai, Afghanistan, Yemen and Kosovo. The company has established presence in various target markets including Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and the CIS Countries.

Substantial collaborations formed by Çalık Enerji on the international platform and its long-established know-how and experience in the energy sector provide the company with a competitive edge in the markets that it operates.

Our Mıssıon

Building a better future with all our energy across various regions in cooperation with our employees.

Our Vısıon

Growing into the most commercially successful and preferred energy company in target countries.